The Key To Successful Accommodation in Singapore

When looking for accommodation in Singapore, there are many things you need to consider before making that move. Is the neighborhood ideal for you? Is the price being asked affordable by you? Is the home fitted with basic amenities that ensure your comfort? Are the neighbors homely? Is your new home close to your business or workplace? This and many other questions need to be answered when looking for accommodation in Singapore.


There are several steps that one needs to go through in order to find the right house. The short guide below will help you find the right house.


Step One – Start with a DIY approach or seek an agent


There are two approaches when it comes to finding the right home to rent or buy. The first approach is the DIY solution. This means that you will get to utilize available resources within your means in order to find the right house. Many people who choose a DIY approach usually look at saving as the main factor of using this method. In a DIY approach, you can use family, friends and work colleagues who will get to inform you about the right house within a certain neighborhood. With the DIY approach, you will not pay any commission therefore you can get to save a lot when you utilize this type of method.

When using friends or work colleagues to find the right house, you need to start a month or two prior to the date you are intending to move out. This will give you ample time to find the right house and at the right price.

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The other favorable method is hiring an agent. Real estate agents have been in business for several years therefore they know all the right houses and right neighborhoods to rent or buy a house from. Through the networks they have cultivated, finding the right home for you becomes a simple process. When you get to hire a real estate agent, you need to know that you will be required to pay a commission once the sale or rental has been successful.


Step Two – Visiting homes to preview

Before you decide which home is perfect for you, you need to make visits to the properties themselves in order to get a first hand view. Are you looking for a condo or an HDB flat? Whether it’s a friend who is directing you or you are with a real estate agent, you need to make time to visit the locations. Taking your time off to visit houses gives you an inside look to various houses available. This will help you to make the choice easier therefore being able to find the right accommodation.

Is the area commuter friendly? Is the building an en-bloc potential? Do you need all the extra amenities on offer like a large swimming pool? Is the HDB flat approved by relevant authorities? By answering the above questions, they will help you find the right home.


Step Three – Make the right decision

Once you have viewed all the houses, you can get to take a few days in order to make the right decision. Once you have made the decision, you can meet with the landlord or property manager, get to negotiate and sign the letter of intent. During the negotiation, you need to read through any contract or tenancy agreement brought forth to you.

This will help you understand the guidelines and be able to live within them.

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